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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about digestive wellness, our gut health programs, functional lab testing, or which level of support is right for you? We're committed to empowering you with the knowledge and support you need to take charge of your gut health journey.

From understanding the intricacies of digestive function to navigating the ins and outs of our comprehensive programs, you can find answers to your questions below.

For any additional questions, please contact us here.

Questions about gut health

A functional medicine dietitian is a highly trained professional who combines the principles of functional medicine with expertise in nutrition to address the root causes of health issues. As a functional medicine dietitian, I focus on individualized care, using advanced diagnostic tools and comprehensive assessments to uncover underlying imbalances in the body. By integrating nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted interventions, I aim to help my clients optimize health and prevent chronic disease, providing women with tailored strategies for achieving lasting well-being.

Working with an integrative and functional medicine dietitian offers a holistic approach to health, addressing the interconnected factors influencing well-being. In my business, I utilize evidence-based practices to identify and treat the root causes of health issues, rather than just managing symptoms. By integrating nutrition, lifestyle modifications, and advanced diagnostics, I empower women to achieve optimal health and vitality, fostering lasting transformations in both physical and mental well-being.

While conventional dietitians typically focus on symptom management and general dietary guidelines, functional medicine dietitians delve deeper to uncover the root causes of health issues. In my practice, I utilize advanced diagnostic tools, functional lab testing, and personalized assessments to create a health plan for each woman's unique needs, addressing underlying imbalances rather than just treating symptoms.

A trauma-informed practitioner is someone who recognizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands how it can manifest in various aspects of an individual's life. I approach my work with sensitivity, empathy, and an understanding of the potential triggers and responses related to trauma. By prioritizing safety, trustworthiness, collaboration, and empowerment, I create a supportive environment conducive to healing and grow

No, I don't strictly adhere to low FODMAP diets due to their complexity. Instead, we tailor your dietary approach based on the results of a thorough nutrition and medical assessment, as well as current symptoms. Many individuals turn to elimination diets believing that a single food is the root cause of their gut symptoms. However, my approach focuses on comprehensive support for your body, including optimizing digestion, bolstering the immune system to reduce food reactivity, addressing microbial imbalances, and promoting gut healing to achieve the most effective symptom relief. I will sometimes utilize a modified low FODMAP approach that simplifies the diet while supporting results.

Many individuals turn to elimination diets believing that a single food is the root cause of their gut symptoms. However, my approach focuses on comprehensive support for your body, including optimizing digestion, bolstering the immune system to reduce food reactivity, addressing microbial imbalances, and promoting gut healing to achieve the most effective symptom relief.

Throughout our collaborative journey, our goal is to maintain a diet that offers as much flexibility as possible. This approach minimizes dietary stress, alleviates anxiety, reduces psychological burdens, and helps sustain optimal nutritional levels in your body.

Hormones and gut health are absolutely intricately connected. When gut health suffers, hormonal balance can be disrupted.

Several key areas demonstrate this connection, including gut health during perimenopause, the role of the gut in estrogen detoxification, and the impact of gut health on conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, and even breast cancer.

Another significant aspect of this connection is the role of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels, often due to chronic stress, can contribute to gut inflammation, disrupt neurotransmitter production, and affect the gut-brain axis. These effects highlight the profound influence of hormones, particularly cortisol, on gut health and overall well-being.

Since a healthy gut is essential for maintaining balanced hormones, our approach begins with healing the gut. Once we achieve gut health, we can then focus on optimizing hormone levels. As part of this process, I offer the DUTCH test, a validated assessment that provides a comprehensive evaluation of sex hormones, adrenal hormones including cortisol, metabolites, and organic acids.

Supplements are an essential aspect of the gut-healing process. But in order to determine which supplements are right for your symptoms, functional lab testing and a consult are required. Book a call with me to get started.

I am here to support your health journey and only recommend what you feel comfortable with. However, with my experience as a Registered Dietitian, I know that for some women, supplements are one of the only ways they can heal the gut health challenges they are experiencing. We can connect about your supplements concerns over a discovery call!

Questions about our services

Yes! Health insurance plans accepted include Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield and Regence. These plans often cover nutrition therapy, at NO COST to you, but please contact your plan to determine your benefits. If I am out-of-network with your insurance, sessions may still be covered.

Upon request, a superbill can be provided to you to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Otherwise, If you are paying in cash, payment can be made using a credit card, debit card, FSA or HSA plan. Payment is due at the time of service. A credit/debit card on file is required to secure an appointment.

Most of the time, the answer is no. However, you will need to check with your personal health insurance plan, as they vary in their requirements.

All appointments are conducted via telehealth using a secure HIPAA-compliant portal in SimplePractice.

All membership packages include unlimited messaging. Once you and I begin working together, you will gain access to a private online portal where you can message me as frequently as you need. If your questions are more complex, we will save those for our 1:1 private sessions.

Additionally, you will have access to the Nourishly portal where you will use photos to document your daily intake. As needed, you will receive feedback and encouragement through this platform. You will also have access to an online meal planning software that is customized to your food plan and that you can customize for your food preferences.

Cost varies depending on the expected length of time we work together, required lab work, complexity of the case, and level of support needed. I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Regence programs. I offer a range of 1:1 functional nutrition packages that include flexible payment plans. Additionally, I accept payments from HSA/FSA accounts. Superbills are provided for any out-of-pocket costs; however, please note that reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.

If you struggle with digestive dysfunction and want to explore healing in a systematic, evidence-based, and effective way, join the Total Gut Reset! This life-changing gut health program is curated for women who are currently suffering from bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, and constipation. The program will help you to determine how to heal your gut, support your immune system, identify and address nutrient deficiencies, calm your nervous system, and reduce fatigue.

It is my intention for you to be happy with your care. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation, and care that goes into creating and/or providing the services, no refunds will be provided. Unless otherwise provided by law, you acknowledge that all sales are final and we do not offer refunds for any portion of your payment for any of the program at any time.
Our time together is important. If you need to reschedule or cancel a call/appointment, you need to do so at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled time; otherwise, this will be considered a missed call/appointment, and a $100 fee will be charged.


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